Tips for Saving Money on Amazon

Amazon is not just a leading e-shopping platform, but it is also where many online users spend a lot of money. However, there is a way of saving money on the online store as you still enjoy your shopping. Take a look at the tips for saving money on Amazon.


• Learn more about the seller

Before you click on the Add-to-Cart button on the platform, you will need to check out who is selling the particular item that you need. Some products might be sold by different parties, but shipped by Amazon. Such products tend to have fewer offers related to the price. They also have unpleasing exchange policies. Ideally, buy only items that are sold and shipped by Amazon. Some Amazon items are classified under the Amazon Prime free shipping. You will need to sign up for this membership plan to enjoy the free shipping.

• Use a browser plug-in that tracks prices

There are some items on Amazon that will have prices drop at a particular time. You can find some specific browser plugins that will track the sales of items you select on Amazon. The plugins will display a graph that shows the history of the item’s price on Amazon. This will also alert you if the item is available at a lower price or not. Ideally, sign up to receive email notifications whenever the price of your preferred item drops.

• Utilize the Super Saver Shipping Offer

In case, your shopping cart on Amazon is over $35 you will enjoy the Super Saver shipping offer. This offer allows you to save a great amount of money on your shipping charges. For that, the trick here is to purchase items that exceed $35.

• Check out the bargain bins

There are special bargain bins that are under Today’s Deals. This link is usually at the top of the Amazon shopping page. Under the link, you will find some of the best deals that have great bargains in each category. There is also the Lighting Deals that include items that have bargains based on the time. For instance, some will last for about four hours. Other bargains will be available while stock lasts. Shop in the bargain bins to enjoy massive offers and save money on your shopping.

• Join the Amazon Associates

Other than using the bargain bins and browser plugins to save money on Amazon, you can become an Associate. The Amazon Associates is an affiliate program that grants you a percentage when you refer a person. Whenever you refer a person to shop on Amazon, you will get a percentage on anything that they buy on the platform. With this, you’ll end up spending less on Amazon because the more the person you refer buys an item, the more you earn the bonus.

These tips for saving money on Amazon will help you enjoy your shopping experience. Such membership plans like the Amazon Prime will give you more benefits other than just free shipping. You can also enjoy other discounts on the platform as you continue shopping. There are several affiliate programs that help you take advantage of all the discounts available. Email notifications are a great way to get alerts on the top discounts on Amazon. You might also take advantage of the special discount seasons like the Black Fridays.